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Where is the key?

I have missed just one day of gratitude posting and that was Saturday when I wasn’t feeling good and took the day off from many things.  Today, I am grateful for being able to “take the day off”.

I am grateful for…

This opportunity for daily blog posting and gratitude posting.

The ability to write and submit a blog by email….

Which means..blogging by blackberry!



Time with my youngest son

To the train station museum

In downtown Matthews

Visiting the old caboose…

First the museum inside, pictures



Finding answers to my toddlers endless questions


For the person to return from lunch

Who might have the key for us

To go inside the old caboose…

So we went to the library

Played a computer game

And looked for books on trains

Checked out some books together

Walked around on the brick wall

Jumping and flying from one section of wall

To the next

Back to the train museum

Even though they lost the key and we couldn’t go inside

Funny, yea, they lost the key to open the caboose for us

Enjoying time with my toddler

Just him and I

Paying attention to him

In the moment

Having fun

Enjoying the warm, sunshine filled….

Fall day



Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…

Sunny fall days

Sunday morning at Unity

Jan Luther

Family time

All of us together

And all that is
And all we are

The up and the down

The happy and sad

All the moments of my life

Including the little ones

That sometimes matter the most


Stream of Consciousness Gratitude

I am grateful for the month of November.

Fall is here and we can bundle up with coats and lately even gloves and scarves. Fall is an energy-saving month as we have our lowest electric bills in the fall.     It is wonderful to snuggle up in the covers at night to keep warm.   Children sleeping in my bed also keep me warm and put a smile on my face.     I love watching my children sleep.     They are so quiet when they are sleeping, well most of the time.     I do have kids who are known to talk and even crawl and walk in their sleep.       I love how much energy my children have.      I love my children’s enthusiasm for life.     I am grateful for my toddler who finds joy in the simplest things– like putting on underwear and using the potty.     I am grateful for my daughter and watching her pursue her love of animals and her excitement when she talks about dog stories.     I am grateful to my son Harrison for being my first-born and for allowing me to “figure out” parenting with him.      I am grateful for Harrison’s enjoyment of theater and being able to enjoy his experiences in plays, something I always wished I had done.     I am grateful for all that I have in common with my children and for all the ways we are different.     I am grateful for being a parent x 3.