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500 Words a Day, no editing

This morning, a Friend told me about the Facebook group, My 500 Words.  Write at least 500 words per day for 31 days. Perfect day to begin. January 1,2018.

wow. 2018. Will soon be 2020 which  sounds like a sci-fi show.  Or the other tv show 20/20. Lol

spent so much of 2017 in depression, best way to sum it up is slowly I have pulled myself up from the muck and am beginning to move on. Just saw the word count in the bottom right corner, perfect!

The rules involved “ no editing”so I’m trying to just jump into it and write.  Why not make it a blog and share my internal process and then be able to see my progress.

I am good at being wordy but 500words every day for 31 days sounds like a lot! It’s the every day part that is my challenge. I used to write one per week and did good at that and even met NaNoWriMo novel writing month long challenge several times.  Yet, I have wanted to do the “write every day” thing in order to make it a habit and part of my every day life even when I’m home all day with kids, or work a 9 hour day as an OT, or am driving kids around all over the place.

Inspiration playlist on Spotify with a large variety of music including Johnny Cash, Walk the Moon, and Stevie Wonder.  Music is my inspiration. Most music. Well, the music I am in the mood for at the time.  Usually not Country, unless it’s Randy Travis (love hos deep voice) or Kenny Rodgers or what I call “northern Country”.  And usually not rap except for Run DMC with Aerosmith.   I have even expanded into current music lately thanks to Ellen Degeneres and to my wonderful daughter, Abby.   Most inspiring to me lately is Ed Sheeran’s song, Castle on the Hill, and anything by A Great Big World.

Makes me think of the movie with Adam Sandler, eReign Over Me .    

I shouldn’t even mention Adam Sandler because it is not his usual kind of movie, quite the opposite. He plays a serious role and some really wonderful acting (I love him as a comic actor too) but this is very different and moving.  Bring a box of tissues! If you need a really good cry, this is the movie.  But I also found it inspiring as an example of a way through depression and trauma. …through music (and isolation) but music.  Music is so healing, so powerful.

Just listen to a David Bowie…..

‘Cause love’s such an old-fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And love dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure

thank you Azlyrics as always you come to my rescue when I can’t quite remember all the words and make it so much easier for me to copy and paste.  Somehow I feel loyal to always use azlyrics.  So far they have never led me astray or failed to provide what I was looking for.

So here is to Day 1! Happy New Year everyone!! Join me in the 500words per day writing challenge. It’s not that hard, you can just ramble for 500 words like I just did! Remember just write, no editing!  Love to hear how it’s going for you or how my words have affected you.

Happy 2018!!!