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Today is Friday, July 22, 2011.  I had to look to know that.  Its been a whirlwind summer.  My oldest went to scout camp for a week on July 10. On the 14, my husband and daughter came down with the nasty stomach virus.  Yuck.  My son came home July 15 and my brother arrived with his two kids on the 16th.  He took his son and my oldest backpacking on Sunday the 17th and Monday morning at the top of the mountain in a tent, my 13-year-old got the stomach virus. Or should I say, he expressed it.

WE met at my parents house on the lake, like we do each summer, that Monday.  My son spent the day in bed and much of the next two.  Somewhere early on, my niece got the virus. 

I enjoyed swimming in the lake Monday night, went for a message Tuesday morning and then I got the virus.

The next few days are a blur.

Wednesday, my brother got the virus. Early this morning, my sister got the virus as well as my nephew and my dad seems to have it too. 

My mom is the only one left standing.  Well, those of us on the upside are much better.  Good thing about a stomach virus, it doesn’t last long but it did linger some and today I am feeling the most like myself but not 100% and it has been 4 days for me.  Technically, my 2-year-old has not gotten it or not to the degree the rest of us have.  Extended nursing is a wonderful thing. 

And so here I am at a house on a beautiful lake in SC for just another day and a half and I feel like I haven’t done much while I was here.  The other kicker is that it has been over 100 degrees and humid.  We have enjoyed swimming in the lake but you can only go on the boat first thing in the morning or late evening and even then it is too hot. 

Yet, I know that, this too is God.  Somehow that is true.

I was really ticked at first because after the year I have had, I was so looking forward to this trip and relaxing.  Relaxing.  I have really needed that. And a break from caring for people.  Ha.  ha ha ha….

We won’t forget this summer trip to the lake.  And it is giving me something to write about.  Not that I have said much yet.  I am looking for meaning in all of this, or as Neale Donald Walsch would say, I am deciding the meaning I give to this experience.

Trying to make lemonade out of lemons.

I do have reflection time right now and for the first time in months, I was able to sit for over an hour and work on my homeschool website.  I have shared fun with my toddler including a boat ride with him, my dad and my sister.  My husband was here while I was sick to help care for me and my kids.  He is home now and hopefully enjoying some much-needed rest in a quiet house….something he has needed since he came home from the hospital over 2 months ago.

We still have the second leg of this trip to look forward to?

From here we head to GA for a family reunion.  I think.  My mom hasn’t gotten sick but I don’t know how she will avoid it and we surely don’t want to share this with all our relatives we see in GA.  We will be staying at a cabin at a state park which sounds peaceful and nice.  Yet, I am staying in the cabin with my parents.  I love my parents but I have had enough of this virus and am not looking forward to sharing a small cabin with someone gets the stomach virus while we are there.  I hope that doesn’t sound callous.  I am such a caregiver, that is hard for me to remove myself and not tend to the sick person in need. 

It’s time for a get away by myself.  Or at least a trip to the coffee-house for a couple of hours with my lap top. Oh yea, it broke.  There is the other one that you have to hook a mouse up to but then that is the only port and you need the port to get wifi….in other words, it barely works. 

Maybe it is time to pull out my spiral notebooks and pens again.  At least I can always write on paper.  Yes, that might be fun.  I trip to the coffee-house with spiral notebooks and pens.  That is how I used to go.  I only got the lap top about 3 years ago.  I will keep that vision for when I return home.

Now, its time to squeeze in some vacation in these final days.

Wish me luck.