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Listen to music…find your own meaning

Once again, quoting lyrics of one of my favorite song writers and performers.  From:  Farther to Fall,  Home Again by David Wilcox

Walking on the railroad rails
Leaning into one another
Balancing so we won’t fail
Into timeless friends and lovers

We’re still holding hands
Past the place I quite before
On this high trestle span

The distance down is what
We must ignore

Balance is no harder after all
Out across this bridge so tall
Balance is no harder
It’s just that you’ve got farther
Now you’ve just got farther to fall

Walking on the railroad rails
Out across this deep commitment
I can feel your finger nails
Hanging on to old resentment

And I miss that easy smile
Lately its a tight-wire frown
But we’ve come so many miles
We can make it if we don’t look down

I realize the song is about relationships, yet for me, I find a relevance to my own life and the decisions I make.   Maybe finding our own meaning in lyrics and poems means more than figuring out the intended meaning of the author.  

Did you hear that Mrs. Billman from Whitehall High School?  You realize that my professor in my Freshman English class in college told us to forget all we had learned in High School English.  I guess it was a lesson in differences of opinion. 

Back to the lyrics….

So much relevance in my own life today…

From doctor visits to…

My choices in how I raise and educate my children…

Our food choices and way of life….

My career decisions and time spent working….

Or not working….

Leaps of faith in life can become bigger as the years pass. 

My husband, Don, and I have made many choices in the 17+ years that we have been married from our choice of where we got married,  and later where we took our children to church, as well as choices in lifestyle, diet, home purchase and career and job choices.  Neither of us are known for continuing the status-quo and so our choices have been questioned and challenged.

It is not the questioning by others that challenges us, but the fact that we research and make our own decisions makes it evident that any choice could result in “falling farther”.   Yet, our beliefs, include the idea that there is no one way to live.  There is no one way to do anything and no right or wrong way.  There is only the choices we make and how we are living now.   Where we are now is where we need to be, where we have chosen to be and therefore even “falling” can be part of it and therefore, not really falling at all.

Looking all the way down
Maybe you’ll drown in it all
But you like to walk this rail for two
As long as words like “wife” aren’t said
But something comes over you
When you see that span of life ahead

Now you make your choice
Will you turn around and walk away
The tremble in your voice…

Life is full of decisions

Years ago, I choose to return to work after a 3 month maternity leave with my first-born child and before that time, in 1996, my husband left his full-time job, cutting our income in half to build his own business.  I later choose to work part-time in 2000 so that I could be home with my children more which once again cut our income in half, resulting in income that was  a quarter of what it was in 1995.   Life is more than the income you earn and I know it is not “politically correct” to talk about income.  But this is not a “politically correct blog”.  And I am not choosing to live a “politically correct life”.   Its one of those things that never really made any sense to me anyway.

Reducing your income does affect choices in your life.

We could write a book on living on less.  And have we missed anything by doing so?  I don’t believe so.  I think we have experienced more…

More time with our children, more chances taken and challenges  faced, more stretches out of our comfort zone, maybe even more life.

The challenge to you and me…

And so as I write this blog as a means of figuring out my own life and moving forward with my decisions, I challenge all of you to look at how you are living.

Is this the life you have chosen?

If not, …why not?

What would you change?

How can you make one small step today in order to implement that change in your life?

No, I am not pointing the finger but sharing my journey.  These questions are for me and if they serve you, then by all means let them serve you in whatever way works for you.  Take what works for you and leave the rest.

Find your own meaning in my words…