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Can I do it?

I just discovered NaBloPoMo.  I have participated in NaNoWriMo in the past. National Novel Writing Month occurs each November.  And so even though I had to search to figure out what the Po was for, I knew I had found something to replace NaNoWriMo, at least for now.

National Blog Posting Month

I am challenging myself to post a blog a day for this month.

I wrote two blogs last week and decided the second would post on November 1 and so here it is November 2 and I am excited at the idea of having a post each day this month.  Can I do it?

I must add that I found my way to NaBloPoMo via a Facebook friend’s post about gratitude and her blog: Awaken Your Gratitude.  Several people are posting what they are grateful for this month on Facebook which got me thinking about doing the same.  Then when I found my friend’s blog and the idea of blogging each day this month, I decided to blog on gratitude and possibly include what I am grateful for each day.  I am figuring this out as I type….


I have a journal that I call my “Yea, Gina- Gratitude Journal”.  I have been keeping one for several years now and can honestly say that I enjoy life more when I am actively writing in the journal.  I have known about gratitude journals for a long time but a few years ago, I decided to journal in celebration of the things that have been great about my day.

The idea came from the experience of mentally going through my day in the evening and thinking about what I would do differently from my day.  Although I can be helpful to think about how I might choose differently in the future, focusing on what I need to do different each and every day left me feeling less than.  In understanding the law of attraction, I knew I needed to put more energy thinking about what went well each day rather than what needed improvement.  Thus, my Yea, Gina! Journal was born.

My journal contains a mixture of celebrating my successes, describing positive parts of my day, listing simple things of pleasure and expressions of gratitude in all aspects of my life.  Maybe I will even begin to share some pieces of my journal.  I do not have it with me.  I keep it in my bathroom- the one room in the house where I can be alone (but not always with a toddler)  if only for a few minutes.  It sits inside the cabinet next to the commode with a pen ready for me each time I sit.

I like my bathroom.  I often call it my office.   We redid the entire room just over 3 years ago and it is painted a soft shade of purple with white trim and cabinets and a large walk in shower and bold silver fixtures.  We put the floor tiling in ourselves, my husband laid the tile and I grouted most of it- until we discovered I was pregnant, and then I let him finish grouting.  In a house that is 42 years old, my bathroom feels new and fresh and mine because I choose the colors and components of the room.  Even the ceiling was redone.  My husband removed the popcorn ceiling when we redid the room and so it is the only room in our house with a smooth ceiling.

I am grateful for my bathroom and my Yea, Gina- Gratitude Journal that waits for me every time I enter.