sharing my life experiences, reflections and insights as a mother, a writer, an Occupational Therapist, an unschooler, and and a spiritual being having a human experience

The month is coming to a close and I reflect back on the days.

Listening to my inspiring playlist, the one I created for this writing challenge, My 500 Words.

We had a beautiful Christmas Holiday. My children were all in a good place and so was I. It was low stress, something that we have not had the luxury of experiencing over the past 8 years. We kicked off the new year by attending Unity’s Burning Bowl and Letters to God New Year’s Eve Service, a family tradition. This year we all attended along with my son’s girlfriend.

Everyone was able to write their own letter to God, letter to their future self, that Unity holds and mails to you at the end of the year. And also the things we want to release. This year they used flash paper and so instead of proceeding outside to drop our paper in a burning fire pit, we walked to the front of the church and got to light our own flash paper to watch our fears, stressors, burdens disappear in thin air. Flash paper is cool!

We then headed to the grocery store to collect yummy treats, this year, natural soda and ice cream, dairy and non-dairy versions. At home, we had fresh baked cookies and soda, sweetened only with stevia, and ice cream and watched a Dr. WHo special before the count down to the new year. I feel asleep around 11pm. In the. Recliner chair only to awaken just in time for the count down to bring in the new year, Happy 2018!

A friend connected me to My 500 Words challenge and it was the perfect opportunity for me to jump back into writing and make daily writing, or at least several times a week writing, a new habit. A good habit.

I have written in my gratitude journal, created blog posts on a variety of topics and lists of gratitude this month. It has been energizing! I released myself from the burden of guilt the first day I missed writing 500 words, and quickly resumed writing, writing on average 3-4 times per week. Empowering! More writing and consistency then I have probably ever had.

My amazing husband has encouraged me to take time for reflection first thing in the morning, before visiting social media. I have even done that. And glad I have and now stop myself from turning to Facebook first thing when I awake, but instead, head downstairs to stretch, sit in the quite, write in my gratitude journal and on several occasions, begin my day with writing a blog,

It still amazes me how jut the perfect songs play on my playlist as I write. I create the playlists and then they are played in random order but they never fail me to play just the perfect songs as I reflect on what to write and then as I delve into my thoughts. The Story of My Life plays now. Beautiful music and beautiful lyrics.

I stop myself from editing now as I write, knowing I can go back later and add italics, links and spell check. The 3 stages of writing: Ideas, writing, and editing. One day of the challenge, we were encouraged to free write. I read that and thought, that is what I usually do, just start writing and allow whatever comes to mind to flow through me and onto the screen in front of me.

Now i recall waking up Friday morning at the hotel in Atlanta, after the funeral for my aunt. It was 5:30 and I did not need to be up until 7am but had gone to sleep at 9:30 the night before and was very rested. I showered so I would be ready and then went downstairs to allow my son to sleep and after getting some water and chatting with my mother who had come down for coffee, I wondered into the exercise room, just intending to check it and and walk around. There was a treadmill and I was wearing sneakers and had my phone and earbuds with me. I hadn’t used a treadmill in so long, since we had a YMCA membership and I used to go weekly with my oldest son on Mondays.

Why not?

I started slowly, as I found the perfect music list to play. As I disappeared into the music, I increased the speed. I had so much energy, anxious energy that I needed to channel. I got my heart rate up to endurance training and maybe above and felt great, paused to stretch and continued, checking the time but realizing I had plenty of time. I enjoyed more than a 30 minute workout along with stretches mid way and at the end. Wow! That felt great. I need to do that often!

A wonderful way to start my day.

I still had time to enjoy some breakfast with my son and get all packed up by 8:30, our planned departure time being 9am. My son had been enjoying driving my mother’s car and was happy doing most of the driving. I got to sit in the back with my father and enjoyed the stories he told me and also time to myself as my father dozed. We stopped for lunch at a PF Changs in Greenville, SC and got back to my parents house about 2pm. We moved our things back to my son’s car and then I got to drive his Subaru back to our house so he could change and head out to work.


Greeted with love and hugs and wagging tails

No place like home

Chilling with my family, the other 3 members who did not go on the trip to Georgia. It felt so good to be home.

It feels so good to be home.

You’re my oasis…. A Great Big World sings in my ears as I type


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