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It’s time to write this post.  I have been waking up with all these thoughts running through my head.  I have many thoughts running through my head but I hope by sharing this, I can breathe easy knowing I’ve said my peace and when the time comes and someone posts something on facebook again, I can just post a link to my blog.


Yes, I just said politics.  I was never very involved in politics until the 2008 election. I was passionate about who I supported from the time I was 18 and voted in my first election, and my first presidential election in 1988.  I remember watching a presediental debate in college in the Gibble Auditorium at Elizabethtown College in the fall of my freshman year. I have President George W. Bush to thank for my increase interest and attention in politics.  Slowly over the years, I listened more, had discussions with friends and learned more.  My oldest son was 9 years old in the beginning of 2007.  We talked about everything in our unschooling/ child-led learning journey and so politics was part of it. He was interested and so I bought all kinds of books pertaining to American government.  We read some of them, he watched debates with us and we included him in our thought processes and our passions and beliefs about our governement. I allowed him and his sister to make up their own mind.  I still remember my 5 year old daughter declaring her support for Hillary Clinton, even though the rest of us were rallying behind Barack Obama.  I was so proud and excited that my daughter at age 5 was able to witness a woman running in the primaries for President and that she was most likely choosing her because she was a woman.  And I never tried to change her mind about who she supported. Yes, she was only 5, yet, children need the opportunity to learn about the real world from a young age.  I always enjoyed taking them to “kids voting” so they could participate in the process.  I was saddened one time to hear a mother, someone I knew personally and liked, tell her children who they should vote for in the kids vote “because this is who mommy and daddy are voting for”.

Enough back stroy.

This post is about here and now in 2016.  I am writing this because these are things I want to say and even sometimes take the time to say, usually on Facebook.  I even went to facebook page out of curiousity yesterday.  It was a page called “Conservative Country” and I went because someone posted something from the page that was making fun of a republican candidate comparing his picture to that of Granpas Munster.  I was curious who they were suppporting and  I scrolled through posts. Why?  Because I do believe all people are ultimately good people and I do respect other people’s choices and decisions and like to learn how other people think.

And then I found this post: that shared an article entitled, “Survey finds Americans Don’t Like Immigrants”.  This stirred something inside me that I feel passionately about.  I admit I didn’t read the article but felt the need to respond to this general idea that we must stop immigrants from coming to America.
My response: “We are all immigrants”

Fred responded:  “No we are all not. My family has been here since the beginning when it wasn’t immigration…it was exploration.
If you want to be a immigrant..then be one. Don’t claim that for have no right to.”

Of course after his response, I had alot more to say:

My response: “Are you Native American? The Europeans took the land from the native Americans”

So for whatever reason, depsite scanning my entire Facebook feed set on “most recent”, I can not find my remaining comments in order to copy my exact words but will share the rest of what I said to the best of my ability.

I went on to say, “My great grandparents came here in the early 1900s from Italy and their names are at listed at Ellis Island.  Do you want to kick all the Italians out of the country too?”

“We are all immigrants in this country and that is what makes this country great- it is a melting pot.”

So Fred never respoonded, but early this morning, I saw a response from someone else who stated, ” 3 generations removed is not an immigrant, that is all he was saying”.

And I replied, “Our families were all immigrants at one point and most Americans have forgotten that and most Americans have no idea what it is like to live in a country with a dictator or the like and have it so bad that they risk their life and that of their family’s to come here illegally.  Sure, illegal immigration is a problem and we need to do something about it. We need to help these people.”

I can’t recall exactly how I ended it but this is how I would finish the post now:

America is great because of our differences, people from different countries, religions, backgrounds and beleifs.  We need to remember that.

I also must add that my problem with Trump is not his political stance.  I even agree with some things he says.  The problem is how he is saying it and how he presents himself.

Someone else posted a picture of Jimmy Carter and quoted information from the Iran Contra Affair and how Jimmy Carter banned immigrants from Iran and compared it to waht Trump is saying and how JC was never called “racist”.  And I went ballistic!  Compare Jimmy Carther to Trump?  

It is about character, people.

Do we really want the leader of the “free world” to be a hateful angry man who insites fear, hate, and anger in people?  Do we really a man who presents himself as sexist, racist, ….I could go on, to be the leader of our country?  Have people become that disillusioned with goverment that they have lost all common sense? Do they not see that he is just power hungry and tells people what they want to hear and that he can not be trusted. And he is the billionaire, he is the problem in this country, poeple like him getting tax breaks while hard working Americans struggle to feed their families while working 2 jobs.

Trump has no character, or the character he has is NOT what I believe we need in a President. It is infact, the opposite of what we need.  His entire premise is hate and fear.

I choose to make my decisions based on love.  I am a humanitarian and believe all people are ultimately good.  I believe some people need a “slap in the face” wake up call at times. I know I have needed that in my life.  Maybe nobody who needs to read this post will ever read it.  Yet, I feel it must be said.  Somoene has got to.  Americans can be lazy voters.  I have been. They need to really think about who they are voting for and why.  And remember that our government was set up to represent the people.  You can say that all politicians are corrupt and it’s just voting for “the lesser of two evils” but until we stand up and speak up and do the research and vote and make our voices heard, it will never change. 





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