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Twisted Sister

Tonight,  I choose to attend a meeting despite challenging circumstances which could have kept me at home.  The meeting was a montly group gathering with The Ego Tamer Academy that I have been a part of for 10 months now.  Our last meeting was in December but with the holidays and lif events, it has felt like much longer than a month.

I had a frustrating day at home feeling cranky and out of sorts.  It was the first Tuesday that I did not go into work in over 3 months.  I snapped at my kids today.  I hadn’t done that in awhile.  I was just off.

Being surrounded with like-minded people all on a path to higher self awareness and discovery, was exactly what I needed today.   I came to the realization (again) that I was resisting what I really wanted.  Like there were two parts of me- pulling in opposite directions.

After just 2 hours in this environment, I left feeling uplifted and empowered.  As I drove home surfing radio stations allowing divine spirit to find me the perfect song.  And it appeared as it usually does and I belted out every word, evening opening my windows depiste the cold night to sing it to the world:

We’re not gonna take it
No, we ain’t gonna take it
We’re not gonna take it anymore
We’ve got the right to choose and
There ain’t no way we’ll lose it
This is our life, this is our song
We’ll fight the powers that be just
Don’t pick our destiny ’cause
You don’t know us, you don’t belong
We’re not gonna take it
No, we ain’t gonna take it
We’re not gonna take it anymore
Oh you’re so condescending
Your goal is never ending
We don’t want nothin’, not a thing from you
Your life is trite and jaded
Boring and confiscated
If that’s your best, your best won’t do
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
We’re right, yeah
We’re free, yeah
We’ll fight, yeah
You’ll see, yeah
We’re not gonna take it
No, we ain’t gonna take it
We’re not gonna take it anymore
We’re not gonna take it
A song to my ego-self, the part of me that resists and fights- that opposes my higher self.
Just like a “twisted sister”.

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