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Gratitude: January 11, 2016

I am grateful for today

I am grateful for:

  • time to myself at home
  • time with Harrison for Algebra II class
  • relearning Algebra (I love math!)
  • sunshine
  • cold winter day
  • newly spacious living room- joy of putting Christmas tree away
  • Don getting all Christmas items put away while I worked Sat.
  • the sun shining into my living room as I sit in the recliner chair, writing on my lap top and listening to Pandora David Bowie radio
  • speaking up for myself at work this weekend
  • David Bowie
  • The Beatles
  • Queen- Freddie Mercury
  • Penguins
  • wonderful field trip last week to the Greensboro Science Center
  • watching Jason and Abby having fun at the science center
  • Jason playing and having his penguin say, “Penguins don’t get married, they find a mate and lay an egg”
  • playing suffed animals with Jason as we wake up
  • time at home with my family
  • the income I earn from my jobs paying our bills
  • bookshelves and all the wonderful books in my house
  • spellcheck (Why is it not on WordPress anymore?)
  • blogging
  • knowing I have posted at least 4 or 5 blogs already this year!
  • flexibility
  • end of the 12 week coverage peiod in which I worked every Tues and Thurs.
  • Five Star and Pruitt
  • Olive, she is a good dog
  • how Don and I work together taking care of our kids
  • I have been a parent for over 18 years- wow
  • helping Harrison fill out federal financial aid form today
  • CPCC
  • Diana- wonderful account
  • the hope of a snow day
  • winter -surprised myself with this one- I am happy it is winter
  • birthdays
  • Jason’s sushi birthday dinner
  • chocolate creme parfait desert I created- dairy free!
  • wikipedia
  • being able to google anything and find instant answers
  • cell phones, smart phones and iphones
  • Talking Heads and Psycho Killer
  • dance break
  • Rockin the casbah
  • won’t be working, as an OT, until Thursday this week
  • looking foward to next Monday and time alone at home again



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