sharing my life experiences, reflections and insights as a mother, a writer, an Occupational Therapist, an unschooler, and and a spiritual being having a human experience

On January 1, I decided I would write every day.  I missed a day.

Today, I have decided that writing every other day is quite an accomplishment considering my goal last fall was weekly.

I am grateful for:

  • self forgiveness
  • “Don’t look back, keep moving forward.”
  • Don making dinner now and all the times he makes dinner
  • the flexibility with my jobs
  • finishing work early than expected today
  • wonderful co-workers
  • sitting here at my desk, knowing the cabinet next to me is far more organized and decluttered than it was a few weeks ago
  • the nine plum colored crochet squares I have crocheted with plans to make a large blanket for me bed
  • time with my daughter watching cool tv shows on Netflix
  • Don spending time with Jason, making the organizer box from a kit that he got for Christmas
  • knowing there is over $3000 in my checking account at this moment
  • knowing there is also money in my old checking account that I have yet to close out
  • extra pay checks in December- very good timing- thank you calander!
  • winter and winter weather
  • lookint at the stack of papers and notebooks piled high next to me and KNOWING that I am capable of sorting through it and decluttering
  • laughing at the silly before and after pictures in Declutter 365 of people’s silverware drawers…knowing my before picture is much better…ha ha ha
  • the poem posted on the wall behind my lap top, “Poem for Computer Users Over 40”
  • our meowing cat, Peanut
  • our loving wonderful dog, Olive
  • animals in my life: Coco, Lassie, Thumper and my family’s pets
  • calculators and numbers and how math calms me
  • remembering when I was learning Algebra I and my dad was helping me and I was not calm- or just wanted to understand “why”
  • looking forward to Monday and taking my kids to activities
  • knowing I will get more time to write tomorrow night

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