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Happy New Year!

I have decided to kick off the new year with a graditude post. I’m inspired by the Emerald Live program I have been a part of through The Ego Tamer Academy.  Much gratidue goes to Jan Luther and all the participants!

Gratitude Rant

I am sooooo grateful for…

  • my life
  • my children and all the challenges, joy and learning I experience alongside them
  • my husband, Don, my best friend, my soul mate, my partner
  • my new purple comforter and the inspiration it provided to clean up my b edroom, clearing dresser clutter
  • the time Don and I spent today clearing out an entire shelf in our giant kitchen storage cabinet
  • how wonderful it felt to through out years of receipts and junk stashed in old purses
  • finding $20 bill today as I cleared out purse clutter!!!!! 
  • hope
  • writing inspiration after clutter clearing
  • inspirational music, thank you Pandora iphone app
  • Prime streaming music
  • MUSIC!
  • the 1980s
  • Fleetwood Mac, Don and I attended their reunion concert last March
  • homeschooling, unschooling and learning through living
  • La Leche League– I found lifelong friends and a parenting lifestyle
  • Elizabethtown College and the 4 wonderful years I spent there
  • Occupational Therapy, my career, flexibility, and people– all the people I have met over my 23 year career

I am thankful for the experiences of 2015…

  • admitting that I needed help for my depression, thank you Mary for the heart to heart talk
  • making choices to improve my functioning in life
  • participating in The Ego Tamer Academy and cotinuing with the Emerald Live program and the amazing people I have met
  • creating Jason’s Harry Potter Tri Wizard Tournament birthday
  • creating Abby’s Friday the 13th- scary movie 13th birthday party
  • watching Abby grow and develop friendships
  • Harrison’s 18th birthday and his new job at Best Buy
  • Occupational Therapy at Achieve- Thank you Ashley!
  • Andrea Dobrich and Inspire Wellness and seeing Jason participate
  • Elefante  3rd DORAL Reunion: REd Top Mountain State Park, GA
  • wittnessing Jason develop a love of hiking!
  • observing Harrison take responsibility for his CPCC classes and achieving a 4.0 with 4 classes completed
  • clebrating 21 years of marriage with Don
  • witnessing Abby succeed in life and taking a big step in working for Michele for an entire week
  • recognizing the man Harrison is becoming and observing his strengths in being in a relationship
  • facilitating and watching Jason develop a new friend
  • Five Star Rehab and my flexible work hours as well as 12 weeks of incrased regular hours
  • forgetting to sign up to work the weekend of December 19-20: and using the time to making pie crusts, 3 pies, and a large batch of chocolate gingerbread cookies as well as cleaning out my closet
  • donating, consigning and regifting to friends
  • using money we earned/ saved to clear out most of our credit card debt as well as much needed household project: septic repair with a new back yard
  • maintaing most of the weight loss that I achieved in the fall of 2014
  • Phillip Phillips and both of his albumns, hoping for a third
  • my Monday afternoons/ nights to myself
  • reading blogs that I have written in the past and declaring what I had written, “good”
  • having the inspiration to write
  • being there for my parents for mom’s surgery, having time with my dad, attending dad’s neurosurgeon appointment
  • my parents being there for me: watching Jason, all the assistance over the years, their support and love
  • my sister, Michele and all she is and her role in my children’s lives
  • my brother, Darrin, and all he is and his role in our lives

I look forward to writing more gratitude posts and all that 2016 holds in store for me and my family!


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