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Illness and Gratitude

Today, I am grateful that I felt good enough to leave the house.

I at least felt like taking my oldest son to his Monday afternoon classes would be easier than staying home with my younger two.

I love all my children but I have been ill for the past week.  Some sort of respiratory, crazy coughing, feeling yucky, low-grade fever things.

It is much easier being a parent of a 14-year-old when I am sick.  My toddler has brought entertainment to me over the past week, visiting me in my room and bringing a smile with all of his cuteness.  Yet, there is a point when his presence changes from a “cute visitor” to someone who I need to keep an eye on or who is getting into something and I don’t have the energy to distract or engage him.

My 9-year-old daughter has found a new love with poetry and it has been a  joy to hear the things she has been writing.  Being sick sure slows you down and simplifies things.  I like that aspect of being sick, or at least I embrace that aspect.

After the challenges of the past week, I can now be grateful for:

  • breathing
  • sleeping through the night
  • my health
  • waking up from sleep just to go to the bathroom or get a drink
  • taking care of sick children
  • waking up in the morning to start my day
  • waking up at night to help a scared or hurting child
  • making breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen
  • playing with my children
  • going outside even on a cold day
  • breathing
  • laying on my back and being comfortable
  • laying in bed, unable to sleep, yet feeling good
  • taking care of myself
  • eating healthy
  • living my life
  • Did I mention breathing without coughing?




Comments on: "Illness and Gratitude" (1)

  1. A nice post for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday……to be thankful for the everyday things in life.

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