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Dramatic Gratitude

I am grateful for Dar Draper and Bee Creative and Company.

Last night we enjoyed three fabulous plays performed by children who ranged in age from roughly 5 through 16.   The best part of the performances was the fact that for the previous 10 weeks, these children spent time in an environment of love and encouragement with the only expectation that they explore their gifts and talents.

My family and I have enjoyed watching these wonderful performances over the years.  Seven and a half years ago, we all sat and watched an evening of Bee Creative Plays to which my 6-year-old son replied, “I want to do that.”

The next spring we signed him up to participate.   My son has participated in her drama classes numerous times over the past 7 years.  My daughter has also been involved in a few classes and both kids have attended Bee Creative Summer Camp.  The past two years, my oldest has enjoyed being a camp counselor at summer camp.  Now my youngest child has enjoyed watching his siblings perform and tells us that he want to do drama classes too.

It has been fun to watch my oldest son grow over the past 7 years from a young child enjoying drama classes and his first on stage production as the hare in   Dar’s version of ”The Tortoise and the Hare’ to his portrayal last night of the detective in ‘Robin the Hood’.  The fun thing about Dar’s plays is that she creates them with the children in her classes.  I have seen my son’s theater participation carry over into other areas of his life as evidenced by his ability to speak easily in front of others, selling Boy Scout Popcorn and being able to speak in front of a large group of people as well.   He has participated in other area theater programs as well over the years, but Dar and Bee Creative has always been his favorite.

It was a lot of fun when my then four-year old daughter, finally, got to participate in a drama class and a performance along with her big brother.  She has particularly liked summer camps where she has the opportunity to explore many of her gifts and talents, like art, dance.  She has been interested in participating in classes again recently but has been unable to do so due to her dance class schedule.   All of my children have a flair for the dramatic and it is fun to give them an outlet in an encouraging and fun environment.

And so today, I want to thank Dar and everyone who has been involved in Bee Creative over the years.  I have really enjoyed watching the plays over the years and participating vicariously through my children as I helped them with their lines.

Bee Creative celebrates its 10th anniversary this coming spring.  There will be new drama classes beginning in January of 2012.  Does you child need a dramatic outlet?  If you live anywhere near Concord, NC, check them out!


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