sharing my life experiences, reflections and insights as a mother, a writer, an Occupational Therapist, an unschooler, and and a spiritual being having a human experience

Perspective.  Having your 51 year old healthy husband have a sudden heart attack and go in to cardiac arrest in your living room with 3 kids, age 2, 9 and 13 standing by (and thank God, the medics who had gotten there before he arrested) is a life altering experience to say the least.

I have been filled with so much gratitude for his life since this experience. I know I need to write about it and there is no more time for”him hawing” about not having enough time.  The past is behind me, keep moving forward is my new mantra.  I will make time and find a way.

we survived that, we can survive anything (don’t take that too personally universe) but I now now my strength and things that were difficult for me, I can push forward cause I got through the 911 experience at home and waiting 2 plus hours in the hospital to know if he was alive… the rest is easy compared to that.

we are blessed and as I keep telling my husband, we can get through anything and we will more than survive but thrive and we don’t need to worry or stress about little things or even money or any of that worldly stuff…we are spiritual beings first, having a human experience.  I told Don, you survived the nearly fatal MI, it is not your time, you are going to be here for a while. We have soul work to do.

The best mother’s day gift ever.  My husband is alive and my kids are doing amazingly well despite all of this and I am so grateful and blessed!!!!!!!!!!


Comments on: "Journaling because it is no longer an option" (2)

  1. Margaret Roney said:

    Just seeing this ,Gina. You and your family are in my prayers.

  2. […] This is my first moment to breathe in a long time.  I worked 20 to 25 hours outside the home for 10 weeks (Feb to May), about double the hours I had been working, and still homeschooling three kids, ages 13, 9 and 2. The week that the extra hours ended and I was relieved to cut back from working every Sat, Sun, Mon and  Tues to just some Saturdays, Sunday and a few hours on Tuesday, my husband had a massive heart attack.  It’s been just over 6 weeks from that day, May 4, 2011. […]

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