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Olive has been in our home for over 3  weeks and we took our first trip with her.  Luckily, my parents had come to visit recently  and got to meet Olive.  My mother, not a fan of dogs, declared her the gentlest dog she has ever met and went as far as to say she could come to her house.  Perfect!

My family of origin gets together each year alternating holidays, Christmas or Thanksgiving.  This was a Thanksgiving year and so we gather at my parent’s house on Lake Murray to celebrate Thanksmas.  We enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving celebration along with our Christmas gift exchange and we also celebrate November birthdays.  Its a fun festive time with all 5 cousins together (my brother’s kids and mine) and my sister always has some combination of her dogs.  This year we had Olive along with my sister’s dog, Choctaw aka, ivory and ebony.

Both people loving dogs but we found out both Alpha Dogs.     My sister worked her dog behavior magic and had them co-existing well together after a heated first encounter.  I learned even more about dogs over the weekend.  (I have absorbed so much over the years from my sister. ) Olive, a terrier mix, loves people but other dogs, not so much.  I learned how face to face dog to dog encounters are threatening.  A good dog greeting is nose to tail.  I watched in amazement as my sister guided Olive and showed her how to be less “in your face” with her dog, Choctaw.  It was great.  We had our own personal in home dog behaviorist trainer for free!

The drive to my parents house takes just over 2 hours and we hardly knew Olive was with us in the back of the car in her crate.  She made no sounds.  She adjusted well to my parent’s house and then on day 3 when my sister arrived, she began her dog training with my daughter Abby with the guidance of my  sister.  Olive even got her own goodie bag of gifts from my sister, premium treats and chew toys, a new leash with attachable scoop bag holder and bag refills, as well as dog training items.  My sister had a campaign on facebook to  convince me why my daughter needed a dog and was very excited to supply the dog supplies.  She even gifted us with an additional gift card for dog expenses.  This was very much appreciated since my husband has been underemployed for over 2 years now.

So the holiday with a dog was rather calm.  She did manage to christen my parents creme colored carpet, due to a bit of an upset stomach.  Somehow I wasn’t in the room when it happened and I heard no complaints about it.  She got to go on her first ( well, I am not sure  if it was her first) boat ride.  But her first boat ride on my mom’s boat on the lake.  She seamed to be very happy being around all the people and especially the kids who she greeted eagerly with kisses and full body wagging.

So on our way home, Olive got to ride at my daughter’s feet despite protests from my oldest child.  With all our “stuff” in the car, she barely had any room to move but got to enjoy being with us.  I declared Olive, the best behaved member of our family.


Comments on: "Life with a dog, Thanksmas Holiday…people loving but “in your face” with other dogs" (4)

  1. That’s awesome about Olive. My dog, Shaggy, is a people-dog (not a dog-dog) so I know how that is. I wish I could have a trainer come and live with us a while to help negotiate things between him and our new dog!

    • It was great having my sister to help out over Thanksgiving at my parents house. I wish she lived closer!
      It is wonderful to have a great people dog. We took her on a temporary plan but how can we give up such an amazing dog! She tolerates Jason!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Olive is a gem of a dog and I’m so glad you found her!

    • Thanks for reading Michele. And thank you for all of your help!
      I need to write a post about Abby and her work with you dog training. That really was the best I have seen her in a long time, when she was with you working with Olive.
      It was amazing to see. She has done some here with Olive but boy do I wish you lived closer. She looks up to you and responds better to other adults but they have to adults she knows and trusts, likes. Unfortunately at home, Olive is often just another place for her fears and issues.

      I have encouraged Abby to do training with her more often. I think she needs more structure or something with it. Not sure what. My ideas for her are not met with enthusiasm…maybe you could check in with her and encourage her…ask her how its going.

      Olive is a great dog and I am so thankful for your instruction so I can monitor how Olive is esp when Jason gets crazy.
      You have been a huge help and a blessing. Without you, bringing Olive into our home would not have been possible or at least more of a financial strain for us.
      Thanks for your help in so many ways with this.

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