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Life with a dog, week one

We brought a dog into our home on October 29, 2010.  It was to be a temporary situation that could become permanent.  It was fun and novel for 2 days and I began blogging daily with the hopes that would continue at least for the initial weeks.

By day three,  Olive, the dog, was no longer a fun new exciting guest but someone to take care of, an added responsibility.   The excitement had worn off for my oldest child, Harrison, who was not very happy with the presence of a dog 24/7 in our home and had made it clear to us that he did not like the idea of having a dog but had agreed to a 3 week trial with Olive.  My daughter, the one who has been begging for a dog, was not jumping in to take care of the dog spontaneously and resisting to some degree especially to take the dog outside in cold weather.

With the initial excitement of something new in our lives, behind me,  I began to see more clearly all the responsibilities involved in caring for a dog; exercise, walks, feeding her, preventing fleas, attention and the challenge of keeping an eye on Jason, the toddler, with the dog.

A new responsibility added tension to our family dynamics, and more to get done in  our daily  “routine” or lack of routine.  Our days have been difficult juggling the schedules and needs of three children and two adults and a cat.  Since the youngest became a toddler, which happened fast as he began walking at 8 months of age, life has been a whirlwind for me.  Seams we get one aspect of life settled down and another challenge appears.  And so once again, life was beginning to “settle down” and here we have a dog!  What was I thinking?




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