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October 29 we began our journey with Olive.  We survived our first outing to the park.  We enjoyed dinner as a family and Olive surprised me with how well-behaved she was.  She did not beg for food but sat calmly at our feet. She did fill the mission, one of the things I always thought would be good about having a dog, cleaning the floor. (note: see prior post, describing my relationship with house cleaning)

We carved pumpkins together.  Jason, 21 months old made hardly any mess with the pumpkins and was not interested in sticking his hands in the gooey mess, despite our anticipations and preparations with paper bags opened and spread on table and floor.  It was a fun family evening, a rare occurrence for us.  Only minor squabbles over the pumpkin scooping devices but no yelling or storming off.

I magically pulled cookie dough out of the freezer (made a few weeks ago and frozen, an amazing new trick I) and popped them in the oven for a treat.  We could have been on a Leave It to Beaver episode.  Maybe having a dog will be better than I expected, bring our family together.  This dog is so well-behaved. 

Did I say we have a cat?  And indoor only petite white cat.  Had we gotten the dog when the cat was a kitten, I think she would have enjoyed the dog, a playmate.  Our cat, Peanut, is 4 years old, and well, is a cat.  She is not so sure why there is this dog in our house and why is it staying?  Olive is eager to play with her but in her gentle way. 

Our biggest issue the first night was the Olive’s middle of the night mission to find the cat.  Olive is sleeping in Abby’s bed with her at Abby’s request and much to Abby’s delight but she slept right next to Abby not at the end of her bed where Abby set her Scooby Doo blanket for her.  And Olive jumping up and down off the bed was a bit disturbing to Abby’s sleep and my husband’s who is a light sleeper.  Somehow Olive even pushed Harrison’s door open ( note: our oldest son who is not excited about this dog experience; see first life with Dog Post, The dog who fell into our lap).  And Harrison got her out, went back to sleep and somehow told us the story later in the morning  in an amused rather than irate manner.

Olive is very interested in Peanut but only sniffs her and wags her tail intently.  She only chases Peanut if the cat runs past her and has shown no signs of wanting to hurt the cat.  We are hopeful but still cautious.  She is much larger than the cat, maybe 40 or 50 pounds (I don’t even know, is this something I should know, feels like it is) and the cat is about 6 pounds and well, dog instincts, it could happen by accident.  Her owners feel she would not hurt a fly, they have had her for 3 1/2 years  and got her as a small puppy.  Peanut does have her front claws and despite being a cat, she is very curious about this dog and will come out and sniff Olive and isn’t in hiding all the time like many cats would be.  Curiousity.  Who knows, they might even become friends.  Both desperately want a furry playmate.  (We got Peanut as a small kitten, our third cat, but our other two were elderly and not interested in playing with Peanut and have since left this lifetime.)

This was going much better than I expected.  I woke up that morning before everyone else and went to the computer to write as I do when this happens, not often but has been happening more lately.  Jason even slept in and even past my husband getting up, he sleeps with us and usually gets up when I do.   Life with a dog has been a pleasant surprise.  I began day two excited and energized by our new experience.


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