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The Ultimate in Letting Go

In memory of my beloved pets, Thumper and Lassie

Written: Wednesday,  Nov 21, 2007

Edited 9-17-10

Letting go


Stepping out of fear

And into the light

Letting go


Removing the sense of being in control

Stopping the ego

From it’s strong hold

Wanting to be in charge and have a say

Letting go

I pray

Letting Go

And Letting God

Releasing it

And sending it out

To the light

Letting go and Letting God

Turning it over

To a higher power

Allowing spirit to

Be in control

Learning to let go

Learning to be in the flow

Asking for divine assistance

Allowing God to take control

Letting God

Be in charge

Take care of me

Find the answers

Figure it out

Solve the crisis

Handle it


Letting go

Getting out of my own way

And asking for divine assistance

Getting and staying out of my own way

Letting go

I shall never know

If I took the right path

If there is a higher goal

Is someone

Watching over me

Divine spirits

Shining down

And through me

Is it real?

These things I believe

These things that I feel?


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