sharing my life experiences, reflections and insights as a mother, a writer, an Occupational Therapist, an unschooler, and and a spiritual being having a human experience

My Way

I live my way and I write my way

Do not criticize my way of life

And I in turn will remember to respect yours

And do not

Criticize my style of writing

Maybe it does not look like

What you are used to reading

It is not narrative nor true prose

Know this

I speak from my soul

It knows no boundaries

Nor  rules of language usage

It speaks through me

And so be kind

My soul has a time making itself heard in this body

I am a work in progress

As we all are

And so stay with me

And watch me evolve

As my writing will too

Join me on the journey

For you can evolve too

Maybe your writing is pristine

Or your relationships in this life

Know we all have our path

There are many ways

Many roads along the journey

Let’s find the common ground

Where the roads cease

And we are all on the beach

With the waves crashing on the shore

And we all see the same sunrise

And the same moon

Maybe at different times

But all the same

And the ocean

Connects us all

As do the stars in the sky

We have more in common than we know

All I ask is you join me and try to let go

Of your limiting beliefs and negative reactions

Leave your resistance at the door

Remove your cloak of fear

Open your heart

For where there is love

That is when we truly hear

The messge in our heart

We are all one


We share a common path

Spiritual in essence

On this earthly plane we walk

No matter our name

Or place where we reside

Keep you mind focused on the tide

The ebb and flow

Calms us

Brings true choice into focus

For now is the time

And this is the place

I am the one

You are the one

To use spirit’s grace

We each are on a journey

Choose your steps wisely

Ask what love would do next

And join  me wherever you choose along the way…..



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