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The other night I could not sleep and so I decided to try to blog from my blackberry from my bed.  It was easier to do that  rather than get up and use my lap top in the kitchen, in case my toddler woke up, he sleeps with me. 

I went to word press and logged into my account.  I then followed a link to download word press for blackberry and it took me to a page of comments about downloading word press on your blackberry.  I read through some of them and hit the button again to download.  I was still at the comments page.  So I tried to add a post from the browser site.  I finally figured out how to add a post and got the box to begin.  But the funniest thing happened….

As I typed, the word would disappear after I hit the space key to enter the next word.  I typed a word, and poof- it was gone!  It was like using invisible ink.  Boy, this post might have a lot of typos but I plowed ahead determined to write a blog post.  I typed a paragraph or more and then the entire thing disappeared.

I was frustrated but found it funny.  Particularly funny because I have been on a self empowerment journey, participating in a mother’s empowerment group centered around the Chakra system and this week was the throat chakra.  The throat chakra is associated with speaking our truth, communication skils, listening and feeling heard.

I knew this week was a big one for me as I feel I have much work to do in this area- to  use my voice and speak my truth.  Something I yearn to do as a writer but have stalled in the process- look at how long it has taken me to have my own blog!  I created two websites before I started my own blog.  And I have 30 years of journaling.  It is not about not knowing what to write, it is about sharing what I write with the world.

And so here I was in the middle of the night, in the dark, on my small blackberry, typing and the words were disappearing!  It still makes me laugh.  And being able to laugh at myself in the process is a huge step for me on this journey.


Comments on: "Speaking my voice and disappering ink" (2)

  1. Really nice Gina 😀
    Keep on bloggin’

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