sharing my life experiences, reflections and insights as a mother, a writer, an Occupational Therapist, an unschooler, and and a spiritual being having a human experience

It’s About Time

After journaling for 30 years and recently working actively on writing pursuits, I have finally created a blog.  Now what?  I am rarely at a loss for words when it comes to writing.  Yet, here I am with my brand new blog and my mind feels blank.  I say I am a writer in my soul and this is what I feel called to do.  I have numerous articles started and a few finished ones as well as countless journal entries full of writing ideas and beginnings.  I created a website almost two years ago: and have blogs there.  I am quick to post on many of the forums and yahoo lists.  For years now I have been telling myself to have my own blog.  I did create another website, a parenting website.  I invested my time in my homeschooling website and it sat on the back burner even though it was created first.  I created this blog so I can write freely about any topic that so moves me.  I can share my ideas and opinions and vent all I want to for all of the world to see, if they so choose.


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